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Eyebrow shaping (Tweeze/Wax) £10.50

Eyebrow tinting £10.00

Eyelash tinting £15.50

Eyelash and brow tint £21.50

Eyelash and brow tint with shape  £28.50 (save £7)

Eve Taylor Revitalising Eye treatment 30min £24.00

Lash Lift alone £36.00

Lash Lift and lash tint £41.00

Brow lamination £36.00


Full set of classic lash extensions £65.00

Classic lash Infills (up to 3 weeks later) £38.50

Removal of lash extensions £15.00

Full set of hybrid lashes £75.00

Hybrid lash infills £41.00

Full set of Volume lashes £80.00

Volume lash infills £45.00

For ALL eye treatments a patch test will need to be carried out atleast 24 hours before the treatment. Please also remember to remove contact lenses when having eye treatments.

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